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USBC Certified Tournament dates:  May 26, 2017 - June 25, 2017 Entries Close:  April 26, 2017 Handicap:  100% of 240 Team, doubles and singles:  $25.00 per event with $5.00 optional all events
Tournament Rotation Schedule 2017 - Ohio USBC WBA 2018 - Wisconsin USBC WBA 2019 - Michigan USBC WBA 2020 - Indiana USBC WBA
2017 Tournament Site:
A new, exciting tournament for all USBC certified female bowlers.
Team - Poelking Marian Lanes 6170 Brandt Pike  Huber Heights, OH  45424 937/233-2222 48 Lanes D/S - Beaver Vu Bowl 1238 N Fairfield Road Beavercreek, OH  45432 934/426-6771 64 Lanes
Please note rules update for 2017 Tournament, after some entries were printed:  #1 - A bowler may enter team or doubles and singles events an unlimited number of times, however, a team must change at least two (2) bowlers per entry and doubles must change at least one (1) bowler per entry. A bowler can cash only once in singles. #2 - The allocation of the entry fee has been changed from $12/prize - $13/expenses, to now be $13/prize fund and $12/expenses, still $25/total per event. #3 - The prize fund has been enhanced by $18,000.  $6,000 each per event (team, doubles, singles).
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